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Your One-Stop Partner For All Things Electronic

We are Singapore's leading electronics retailer and design house. Our engineers have a deep technical expertise to lend to your next design, prototyping, or engineering project. We also supply a comprehensive range of electronic components to enterprises and individuals alike.

Keep your business on track for the future. Partner us to develop smart engineering solutions for the 21st century!


Our Services

Our experienced and friendly technical team provides personal consultations and builds custom solutions to fit every need. We are able to produce everything from small and fast prototypes to finished digital products.

Programming and Prototyping

Proof of concepts, custom electronics, custom parts. Microcontroller design for embedded applications with Arduino, Raspberry Pi, STM32, EFM32, etc.

Turnkey Projects

Technical consultation, design, quality components sourcing, mechanical and electronics integration. LED lighting and control systems.

IoT Development

Specialisation in Sigfox, NB-IoT, LoRa and LoRaWAN wireless networks. Design of low powered wireless applications to extend battery life. Enterprise grade data encryption.

Repair and Modification

More than 1000 circuit boards repaired and modified, and counting. Replace faulty components, rewire circuits, troubleshooting.

PCB Batch Production

Small batch PCB assembly, PCB prototypes, and custom PCB requirements for low volume production.

Interactive Hardware

Design and fabrication of devices that interact with customers. Bring the ‘wow’ from digital to physical space.

Our Work

We develop solutions for branding and experiential marketing activations, interactive hardware deployments, as well as product developments.

Our Clients


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