The Opportunity
At Continental Electronics, we work on different technologies and our product development team often needs help. We asked a few bright students to work with our R&D engineering team most recently and it resulted in great output. And we are so happy they took the opportunity to get exposure, discover their talent and prove themselves.
Encouraged by the success we have had with them, we are now launching Internship & Externship Programme which allows talented engineering students, serious hobbyists and retired enthusiasts to work with our R&D engineers on transforming ideas and problem statements into actual and practicable solutions. If you are one such bright engineering talent who loves hands-on tinkering and troubleshooting, here is a great opportunity for you.
The internship/ externship involve working on actual projects that our engineers are undertaking. They happen during the semester and during holidays. No age requirements but you are expected to be professional and be able to commit a minimum of 2 consecutive weeks.
Note: These externships are offered in very limited numbers as we are unable to handle a big group at the same time. Do register your interest here early to increase your chances of being selected.
If you are looking for holiday internship programmes, please leave your contact details here for us to be in touch. And hear more about our interns’ hands-on experiences!