How We Help

Save Time
Extensive experience in partnering creative teams to bring design briefs & interactive media ideas to life.

Reduce Costs
Strong & well-established relationships with industry-leading vendors & suppliers to produce high quality finishes based on design requirements & dimensions.

Peace of Mind
Local technical team to ensure timely client service support & maintenance.

Our Work

We develop solutions for branding and experiential marketing activations. Some examples include wires wireless motorised games, postcard dispensers, and 3D rotation mechanisms. We also create interactive packaging, such as button-triggered musical boxes, and multi-time zone LED clock boxes.

Our recent work:

This system allowed Singaporeans to show their support for our beloved hawker culture becoming UNESCO recognised. The input from the button increases the number on the digital counter LED screen, showing the votes for support. The system can also be modified to sync with input from digital sources.

We are able to build a wide variety of LED configurations to light up your next event. There is flexibility to create words and even full-colour costumes using LED light strips. These LED lights can be remote controlled.

This puppet was fitted with a motor for Asia’s top ventriloquist. The system allows him to control the robotic dog’s head and mouth, enabling it to ‘sing’ along with him. It was pawsitively received at his next show.

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Our Clients

We have worked with advertising & branding agencies, digital design & production studios, and event management & dance companies to build engaging, interactive experiences for customers. Some of our clients include:

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