Micro Linear Actuator with Limit Switches - L12S - 100mm - 50:1 - 12V


Micro Linear Actuator with Limit Switches - L12S - 100mm - 50:1 - 12V




The L12 series is our standard line of Micro Linear Actuator. If you need a reliable, affordable motion device, our L12-S series is for you. The L12-S comes with end-limit switches that will turn off power to the motor when the device reaches 1mm of the end of stroke. Internal diodes allow the actuator to reverse away from the limit switch. The limit switches are set at the factory and are not adjustable. If you need a custom stroke length actuator please see this article.

Our S series are our simplest micro linear actuators. Apply voltage to the device and it will extend, reverse the polarity and it will retract. This can be accomplished manually with a DPDT (Double-Pole Double-Throw) switch, wirelessly using our wireless linear actuator controller or using an H Bridge circuit. Our "S" series actuators can not be used with the LAC control board.

The L12-S is is very compact and weighs in at 28g-56g, depending on the stroke length that you choose. It's size makes it an ideal device for robotics applications as well as other projects with tight space and weight requirements.

Some industries where the L12-S actuator is in use:

  • Medical devices
  • Aviation
  • Aerospace
  • Simulation
  • Commercial transport


The L12-S line includes 24 unique models featuring: 

  • Optional stroke lengths of 10mm, 30mm, 50mm or 100mm
  • 3 gearing options for maximum forces between 22N (5lbs) and 80N (18lbs) and speeds between 6.5mm/s and 25mm/s
  • All models available in either 6V or 12V


Need more power? Check out our more powerful L16-S micro linear actuator.

All of our linear actuators come with a hardware kit to make mounting easy.


  • Datasheet available here
  • Operating Temperature: -10°C to +50°C
  • Potentiometer Linearity: Less than 2.00%
  • Max Duty Cycle: 20 %
  • Audible Noise: 55dB @ 45cm
  • Ingress Protection: IP-54
  • Mechanical Backlash: 0.2mm
  • Limit Switches (-S): Max. Current Leakage: 8uA
  • Maximum Static Force: 200N
  • Dimensions: 15 x 18 x 160mm
  • Weight: 71g


Gearing Option 50:1 100:1 210:1
Peak Power Point 17N @ 14mm/s 31N @ 7mm/s 62N @ 3.2mm/s
Peak Efficiency Point 10N @ 19mm/s 17N @ 10mm/s 36N @ 4.5mm/s
Max Speed (no load) 25mm/s 13mm/s 6.5mm/s
Max Force (lifted) 22N 42N 80N
Back Drive Force (static) 12N 22N 45N


Stroke Option 10mm 30mm 50mm 100mm
Mass 28g 34g 40g 56g
Repeatability (-I,-R,-P&LAC) ±0.1 mm ±0.2 mm ±0.3 mm ±0.5 mm
Max Side Load (extended) 50N 40N 30N 15N
Closed Length (hole to hole) 62mm 82mm 102mm 152mm
Potentiometer (-I, -R, -P) 1kΩ±50% 3kΩ±50% 6kΩ±50% 11kΩ±50%


Voltage Option 6VDC 12VDC
Max Input Voltage 7.5V 13.5V
Stall Current 460mA 185mA
Standby Current (-I/-R) 7.2mA 3.3mA


1 - Control Option Specific values are identified with -I, -R, -P, -S, and LAC
2 - 1 N (Newton) = 0.225 lbf (pound-force) & 25.4mm=1 Inch
3 - A powered-off actuator will statically hold a force up to the Backdrive Force
4 - Actuators should be tested in each specific application to determine their effective life under those loading conditions and environment.