Kuriosity micro:bit Easy-As-IoT Kit


Kuriosity micro:bit Easy-As-IoT Kit




Build your own IoT enabled device with this micro:bit IoT kit. IoT sounds complicated but it’s really not - All you need is a WiFi module and screen to display our data. IoT is more than viewing data, you can also push to cloud dashboard for graph plotting or analytics, and even control your device from cloud.

IoT, the Internet of Things, describes how everyday devices are getting smarter as they integrate into the internet. Combining coding, IoT and creativity, this IoT kit for micro:bit is designed to expose you to creating with technology. 

Through this kit, you can build using coding logic to control sensors which can monitor light or sound and send useful data over the Internet for Analysis. At the end of the guide book, you can even make your own home automation projects or even monitor air pollution using real-time graphs. 

What's in the box:

  • micro:IO-BOX Expansion Board x1
  • micro:Diorama x1
  • OBLOQ IoT Module x1
  • DC Fan Module x1
  • Analog Ambient Light Sensor x1
  • Neopixel Strip x1
  • Quick Start Guide x1



Suitable for age 7+

STEAM Educational Kit, suitable for primary school students who wants to explore more on micro:bit and the Internet of Things by themselves, with the help of a quick start guide book.

Main feature of this kit is the DFRobot micro:Diorama,

  • Display:
    • 2.2-inch color display
    • Able to store and display colour BMP pictures
    • Colour text
    • Dots
    • Lines
    • Geometric shapes
    • Many other elements
  • Able to combine with IoT application scenarios, complex display scenarios such as graphs and weather conditions can be displayed
  • Onboard control:
    • Five-way joystick
    • AB button
    • Integrated buzzer
    • Vibration motor


Project 1: Beat The Heat

  • Learn how to create a smart fan

Project 2: How's The Weather

  • Learn to retrieve data from the cloud and display the various data on the LCD screen

Project 3: Watt A Bright Idea

  • Learn about EasyIoT cloud dashboard with MQTT
  • Learn how to send and retrieve data from the EasyIoT cloud 
  • Use data from the cloud to trigger specific event

Project 4: You've Got Mail

  • Learn about IFTTT & applets
  • Learn how to personalise and trigger various events using