About Us

Your One-Stop Partner For All Things Electronic

Continental Electronics is Singapore’s leading electronics retailer and design house.

With 40 years of experience in a dynamic, ruthlessly innovative industry, we have built deep technical expertise in electronics while maintaining a dedication to delivering great service.

We recognize the importance of all our clients, and currently service a diverse range of clients across the region, providing both corporate customers and individuals the same product quality, dependability, and friendly service.

Our goal is to help all our clients transform ideas and problem statements into actual and practicable solutions.

Creating the Future of Electronics


To give our customers the power to create and innovate through our rapid prototyping and firmware development services.


To be Singapore’s leading interactive hardware service provider by fusing digital space with physical space in crafting experiential and visual engineering.

Sectors We Serve

Sensors and Instrumentation

Low-power electronics, battery powered sensors and systems.

LED Lighting

LED lighting control systems and interfaces.


Design, construction, and programming of systems and controls.


Battery powered systems and controls for defence operations.


Consultancy, troubleshooting, and small batch prototyping for custom projects.


Motor driven industrial equipment. Rugged instrumentation and engineering controls.

Our Capabilities

We have the expertise to assist you in creating the next big thing.

Programming and Prototyping

Proof of concepts, microcontroller design and integration for embedded applications.

IoT Development

Specialization in Sigfox, NB-IoT, LoRa, LoRaWAN wireless networks. Design of low powered applications to extend battery life. Enterprise grade encryption.

Repair and Modification

More than 1000 circuit boards repaired and modified, and counting. Replace faulty components, rewire circuits, troubleshooting.

Rapid Prototyping

Technical consultation, design, quality components sourcing, mechanical and electronics integration. We can turnover your urgent project in a few working days.