Boson Inventor Kit for micro:bit

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Boson Inventor Kit for micro:bit

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DFRobot BOSON Inventor Kit is a set of modular electronic building blocks for young inventors, enthusiasts, STEM educators, and designers. This coding-free kit requires no soldering and is effective as a STEM classroom teaching tool. The Boson kit helps in breaking down complicated circuits into simple and functional modules that are easy to understand. This kit consists of a total of 37 modules including 7 input modules, 6 actuators, 18 function, and 6 power modules. The Inventor kit also includes 12 activity cards that can be used to build interactive projects with LEGO blocks, wearable materials, and attached cardboards instantly.

The BOSON Inventor Kit uses DFScratch software and provides Bluetooth / WiFi accessibility for wireless communication. The Boson modules can be fixed on a variety of materials such as paper, wood, fabric, or whiteboards using the built-in magnets, Velcro, and even LEGO.





** NOTE: micro:bit is NOT included in the kit. You will need to purchase separately.



  • Cultivates kid's programming ability
  • Suitable for age 10+
  • Supports sound, light and motion interaction

Input Modules

  • Rotation Sensor x 1
  • Push Button x 1
  • Self Locking Switch x 1
  • Light Sensor x 1
  • Tilt Switch x 1
  • Sound Sensor x 1
  • Motion Sensor x 1

Output Modules

  • Ultra Bright LED x 1
  • LED String Light x 1
  • Buzzer Module x 1
  • Voice Recorder Module x 1
  • Motor Controller Module with Gared Motor x 1
  • Servo Controller Module with Servo x 1

Function Modules

  • Logic Module-AND x 3
  • Logic Module-OR x 3
  • Logic Module-NOT x 3
  • Splitter Module x 3
  • Threshold Module x 2
  • Reversible Counter Module x 2
  • Duration Module (0-60s) x 2


  • Mainboard-3IO x 2
  • Mainboard-1IO x 3
  • 3xAAA Battery Holder x 1


  • Activity cards x 12
  • Project cardboard x 5
  • MicroUSB Cable x 1
  • Cable (5CM) x 20
  • Cable (10CM) x 20
  • Cable (15CM) x 20
  • Velcro pack x 2
  • Screw pack x 2


  • Operating Voltage: 4.5-5.5V
  • Package Size: 300*220*130 mm
  • micro:bit Online Block Editor:  Click here
  • micro:bit Educational Foundation:  Click here