Micro:bit Workshop for Beginners


The micro:bit is an educational and creative tool to encourage everyone to get started with coding.

It provides you with the knowledge and skills to move from being consumers of digital information, to being designers and creators of new tools to enhance learning, problem solving or simply having new fun. It enables you to exemplify the spirit of innovation and towards building a Smart Nation in the 21st Century.

The 1-day workshop has a unique mix of introductory notes and fun challenges that will get you programming the micro:bit in no time. The Trainer explains Blockly and programming concepts behind the code. Best of all, you will use the micro:bit simulator to learn and explore what the micro:bit can do or polish their programs before using them on a real micro:bit.

This workshop demystifies the tech and explains how to make the most of the micro:bit. Each participant will get a micro:bit to learn about the hardware and how to program it using the block editor (visual programming).

No coding or technical experience needed – This course is suitable for all age groups.​ Sign up here today!